Honeycomb Bracelet
Honeycomb Bracelet

Honeycomb Bracelet

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Sterling Silver SOLD OUT, we will not be getting any more of these in shop.

Designed with a 18K gold-filled or brass centrepiece, thin elastic cord, and an elegant glass bead at the end of each cord.

Perfect for those who love minimalist, light-weight jewellery you can wear every day. Also, a great accessory for moms who would like to keep track of which side they nursed or pumped on last.

Your bracelet will come untied with instructions for how to tie if you choose the tie-on option. Please read our FAQ's as to how we recommend you care for your bracelet.


To avoid bending and misshaping, please take extra care when swapping from wrist to wrist.

Cord colour may also vary slightly from our chart, be sure to check out images on our Instagram feed to see more. All brass jewelry is subject to tarnish over time. Storing your jewelry in an airtight location when not wearing it, and cleaning it with baking soda and lemon juice will help restore and/or avoid tarnishing and weakening over time. Wearing your jewelry often will also help keep its shine, thanks to the oils in your skin. A few other things to avoid are in our FAQ's.

 Additional bands are available for purchase for this bracelet.

These bracelets are not recommended for children under 5 years old.