Reviews + Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you and share with you how much your bracelet has helped me through one of my struggles having a micro preemie.
When we first found out we were expecting I bought myself one of your nursing bracelets and was eager for the day I would use it. So when Hazel joined us earth side so early that she couldn't nurse I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to use my bracelet until she one day, hopefully would be able to nurse.
But earlier this week I decided to put it on, because it serves as this beautiful reminder that every three hours of every day I get up and pump for our baby girl and that eventually, surrounded by nurses and within the walls of the NICU we will hopefully get that chance to nurse. I never imagined your bracelet to be so meaningful in this journey for myself, but it's the most important thing I wear now." - Ashley

 - "I just wanted to drop a line and say that I LOVE the kite bracelet I received in my order. I am amazed at how fast I got my package especially during a sale. Thank you for making pretty bracelets." - Colbie
 - "I bought this bracelet as a gift and I was pleased with the craftsmanship, the information on the website, and the instructions for tying the bracelet. Delivery was quick too!" - Shereen 

 - "I just love my moon and olive nursing bracelet. Such a sweet gentle reminder of what side we nursed on first, but also a reminder of how much joy that togetherness of feeding my son brings. Whether it's breast or bottle it doesn't matter- it's about that quiet and beautiful time together providing nourishment and love. My bracelet is comfortable, simple, and beautiful. Thanks, DearLovesCo. for such a simple yet stunning product!" - Emily 

- "Absolutely perfect! I was using an elastic on my wrist to keep track prior to this bracelet and was happy to have something pretty to replace it with." - Rachelle

 - "I was never a big bracelet fan but I do love this one! It's small enough you forget it's there and I love how simple yet pretty it is." - Tia

 - "Breastfeeding as first-time parents has been an intense experience. One of the first things we googled when Peter was born were bracelets to help us keep track. They were all so bulky and unfashionable. When we found your product through Deck and Oar we were thrilled! We cannot express our gratitude enough for what you have done for us the past few days! Thank you! We look forward to ordering more and to see what else you have in store!" - Claire, founder of 

 - "What I love most about this simple bracelet is that it really goes with EVERYTHING!! Plus my wild nursing baby can pull on it as much as she wants without having to worry about it breaking. It switches sides so easily!! I'm buying bracelets for all my mom friends for the holidays this year." - Amanda 

 - "I love my bracelet! It makes it so much easier to keep track of which side is up next, but looks so pretty at the same time! Now I need more.." - Brandi 

 - "I love my new bracelet- thank you! Very stylish and practical. Fast delivery and excellent customer service." - Sinead

 - "I bought this for a friend who had her first baby. She loved it and the quality was great. After using an annoying beaded bracelet for nursing, I wished this had been around when I needed it. Also, the first bracelet got lost in the mail and another one was sent to me with no problems at no extra charge. I would definitely buy again for gifts." - Sara 

 - "Highly recommend this beautiful and functional bracelet." - Agatha 

  - "I've been wearing my bracelet every day...and I'm not due for another 4 months!! So light and unobtrusive I know I'll have no problem wearing it continually. Much better than those huge bangle bracelets that just dangle off my tiny wrists!" - Dorian 

 - "This was the perfect personal, beautiful, and practical gift. Will be making it my signature!" - Katie 
 - "The bracelets Are so beautiful and dainty anyone would be happy to have these, looking forward to more of your product." Charlene